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Bachelors of Science in Physics

Certification for Secondary Education

All students seeking certification to teach at the high school level with a major in physics must complete the following requirements:
  1. The major requirements for a physics degree (see here).  A minimum GPA of 2.8 in the major is required to be recommended for teacher certification.

  2. The admission and professional requirements of the College of Education.  Note that the extra coursework necessary for teaching certification requires a full fifth year of work. 

  3. Four additional courses.
    • A History of Science course: HSC 201 or HSC 202.
    • PHY 105 Descriptive Astronomy
    • A course in ethics in science (e.g. BIO 328 Biomedical Ethics, BIO 338 Environmental Ethics).
    • BIO 120 General Biology I

  4. Experience:  All students seeking teacher certification are required to assist for at least 30 clock hours in the department's tutoring program and at least 30 clock hours as a laboratory assistant assisting in the setting up of equipment and demonstrations as well as helping students in a laboratory setting.  Required reading and experience in laboratory safety will be part of this laboratory setting.

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