Global Connections Winter 2013


Biking Through a Snowstorm in a Skirt and Heels


GVSU Alumna, Zoé Kilbourne, embraces Danish culture as she transitions a study abroad program into a career in Copenhagen, Denmark. 




Ghana Honors Service Learning Program


GVSU students help rehabilitate children who were trafficked into slavery in the fishing industry. Explore the history of the Frederik Meijer Honors College study abroad program and read stories from GVSU student participants. 



Courage, Compassion and Uyghur Noodles: 

My Semester in Chengdu


During her semester in Chengdu, China, GVSU student Taryn Borst finds friendship and an emboldened sense as a language minority in a foreign culture.



 January 16, 2013: A Day in Munich


Padnos Scholarship recipient, Erin Lutenski, takes readers through a day in her life in Munich, Germany.


La Escuela de la Vida: Learning Through Living

Samantha Cuncannan fulfills her life goal of living in another country after being awarded the Padnos Scholarship to study in Spain.



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