Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Graduate Assistantships


The Physical Therapy Program awards approximately 16 half-time graduate assistantships (GA) each year. Positions are awarded based on student's availability, computer and communication skills, and current academic standing. Financial need may also be taken into consideration.

Graduate assistants work directly with a faculty or staff member within the College of Health Professions performing a wide range of duties as assigned. Although schedules will vary, half-time GA's are required to work 10 hrs/week and may not exceed 20 hours of on-campus employment per week.

For the 2012-2013 academic year half-time GA's earned a biweekly stipend totaling $2000 per semester. In addition, they received a tuition waiver for up to 6 graduate credits per semester, unless they were eligible for reimbursement of tuition from another source.


Information on the availability and application requirements for Graduate Assistantships will be posted/distributed as it becomes available.



Page last modified April 26, 2013