Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy

How much studying/homework time is needed in the program?

During the week, I spent between two to four hours a night studying. This time increased prior to exams. I generally spent a good chunk of the weekend studying prior to exams or midterms. During my first year, I was able work 10 hours a week, and still take some weekends off to travel home.

Megan Kaiser

DPT Class of 2015


It all depends on your personal study habits! Some people spend a lot of time on things, so if you are one of those people, that probably won't change. If you're one of those people who doesn't spend a whole lot of time on anything, that might stay pretty similar; it also might increase depending on the amount of satisfaction you see with your grades.

Patty Kool

DPT Class of 2015


The studying/homework time needed for this program is fairly demanding.  In order to stay on top of things it’s pretty important to do out of class work daily.

Keesha Olsen

DPT Class of 2015


Grad school is a seven-day-per-week occupation. There are very few “busy-work” assignments, but there is at least one exam every week in the first semester. The best advice I can give is to look over notes on the same day you took them. An hour of study on the day you took the notes saves you two hours of frantic study the night before an exam.

Patrick Lawrence

DPT Class of 2015


I think studying two hours outside of class every day would set anyone up very well to succeed in this program. And of course you can take a day off to relax now and then.

Nate Keniston

DPT Class of 2015



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