Commodity and Service Standards

Does the University have a standards program?

There are standards programs for several commodities and services.

  • Business Cards: A standard format for business cards has been established in compliance with the GVSU identity policy. To maintain the integrity of this format, an on-line website has been developed for ordering your business cards. This user friendly secured site offers a formatted template for you to enter name, title, department name, room and building, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address. An on-line proof allows you to edit as needed or confirm for ordering. Contact the Purchasing Office at 616/331-2280 for access authorization and order assistance.
  • Campus Identity: Every organization has a visual image that conveys certain impressions to the public in order to represent the desired positive, unified image. Grand Valley State University must consistently identify itself with an image that interrelates all of its visual elements. For this reason, the University has adopted a Campus Identity Program. Contact the Office of Institutional Marketing at 616/331-2525 with questions regarding branding, graphic identity, use of the affirmative action statement and web page design.
  • Computers and Peripherals: Several standards for computer and peripheral equipment have been established. Requests and all inquiries regarding the purchase of computer and peripheral equipment must be submitted to Information Technology at 616/331-2130.
  • Fax Machines: The standard manufacturer for fax machines is Canon. Several models are available from the dealership to meet your requirements. Contact Purchasing at 616/331-2280 for specification sheets and supplier information.
  • Furniture: There are several standard furniture items such as office systems, seating, shelving, and lamps. Requests and all inquiries regarding the purchase of furniture and furniture-related items must be submitted to the Facilities Planning Office. Inquiries regarding order status, order claims (damages, shortages, returns, etc.) and requests for furniture maintenance, repairs and disposal must also be submitted to Facilities Planning. Call 616/331-3853 if you need assistance.

Does the University have a preferred printer?

In the University's best interest, a number of printer resources are supported to service your printing requirements. Campus departments are encouraged to solicit quotations from your choice of printers to assure the most cost effective production. For your convenience, The Printery/svh has office space at the University Bookstore to assist with your printing needs. Contact at your convenience:

GVSU Office 616-331-3182
Holland Office 800-882-4655
Cell Phone 616-836-1169


Page last modified March 18, 2015