Nutrition Services


Registered Dietitian

Our registered dietitian is able to assist you in addressing specific issues related to:

  • Healthy eating strategies
  • Weight management
  • How to eat healthy on campus
  • Special dietary concerns
  • Heart healthy eating strategies
  • Disease management and prevention
  • Eating disorder screenings and consultation are also available


Appointment Pricing

Student           $15 for 3 Appointments          

Non-Student    $25 for 3 Appointments   

To see a registered dietitian, an appointment is necessary.

Individualized nutrition counseling services provided guides clients toward eating and moving in a flexible manner that values the pleasure of eating and honors internal cues of hunger and satiety. Our dietitian assists clients in adopting healthy behaviors for the sake of health and well being rather than achieving a specific weight. Clients learn tools and strategies that empower them to make positive changes that build self trust and equip them to make health-wise decisions in any situation.



Appointment cancellations must be made 24-hrs in advance. Individuals who fail to observe this policy will be assessed a cancellation fee.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact the Wellness Center at (616) 331-3659.




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Additional Healthy Resources

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