Staff Expectation Policy

The Intramural Department, as part of Campus Recreation at Grand Valley State University (GVSU), is committed to holding our employees to a high standard that promotes an atmosphere of sportsmanship, fun and safety.  Officials, Scorekeepers, Supervisors, office staff, Graduate Assistant, and Assistant Director are the representatives that participants not only see, but interact with day in and day out and we want to ensure that our staff maintains acceptable professionalism as dictated by intramural sports general rules and regulations.  We want to put forward our best efforts to make sure that the staff continues to do their job and provide a quality recreational sports experience for our participants.

The Graduate Assistant and Assistant Director will determine the ratings of each staff member based on the expectations broken down by the position in which staff members work.  Each staff member will be given the opportunity to evaluate the other staff members over the course of the semester as well.  This process is meant to closely mirror the sportsmanship rating to which participants in the program are held.  All staff members start on a rating of 5 and the only way to lose ground on the scale is to not fulfill your job description by committing offenses listed in this policy.  Staff members may gain a ranking by completing an item listed under the 5 category (you cannot bank points for later use and are not able to achieve higher then a 5 ranking).  Should the staff member reach a 3 rating, that person is on probation.  A rating of 2 will result in a suspension and a 1 will result in permanent termination from the intramural staff.  Should the Graduate Assistant do something that requires a 3 rating or below, they must be reported to the Assistant Director immediately. Likewise if the Assistant Director does something that requires a 3 rating or below, the person filing the report should notify the Director of Campus Recreation immediately.  The numbers listed are the maximum ratings that can be assigned based on an infraction or lack thereof.  Multiple offenses in the same classification result in lowering your overall rating by one level (i.e. eating on the job (4) twice lowers your rating to 3.5).  A written justification of the rating must be provided by the person filling out the evaluation of the staff member.  Ratings cannot be arbitrarily assigned.  This list is not all inclusive and the Assistant Director reserves the right to modify ratings given the situation and meeting outcomes.

This policy is meant to be an educational tool, not a punishment, which promotes accountability among all staff members.  Staff members are encouraged to ask questions about their rating.  The final number will be discussed at the end of the semester evaluation and is meant to give each staff member an idea of where they are, where they came from, what they do well, and what needs a little bit of work.  It should be used as a tool for goal setting and encouraging each staff member to work to their potential in what is arguably the best job on campus.


Staff expectations table

Intramural employee report form