Prerequisites and Registration Errors

GVSU is committed to student retention and the successful completion of courses is crucial to this effort. Satisfying prerequisite requirements greatly enhances the likelihood of passing courses, particularly those in the upper division. Students who attempt to register for a course but do not meet the prerequisites will see a PREREQUISITE NOT MET error message at the time of registration. The course will not be added to the student's schedule. In order to register, students should submit a registration override request through myBanner which will be sent to the academic department that offers the course. The Registrar's Office does not process or issue registration overrides. Students should address all questions regarding prerequisites to the academic department.  This list provides contact information for our academic departments.

If a course requires a registration permit, is closed or prevents registration based on major, class, prerequisite etc., students can request electronic overrides through myBanner.  After the request has been submitted, all communication regarding the status of the request is sent to the student's GVSU email address.  If the request is approved, the academic department will enter the electronic override into the Banner system, and the student is then able to register. The issuance of an electronic override does not automatically register you in the course. Instructions for requesting a registration override through myBanner are available here and an instructional video is also available. Not sure how to tell if a course has a prerequisite? Watch this tutorial.  

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Helpful hints regarding registration and prerequisites can be found here.

Prerequisite Procedure to Remove a Student from a Course

If a student does not meet a prerequisite due to withdrawal or failure of a previous course, he or she must withdraw from the course requiring the prerequisite. It is the responsibility of the faculty/department to notify students accordingly.

The Deans' office will be provided reports of students who have failed the prerequisite checking process. They will notify the student within one day of receiving the report and request that the student drop the course or appeal to the department for approval to remain in the course. The student will have five days to respond by either dropping the course or appealing. If the student fails to respond, the Deans' office will instruct the Registrar to drop the student. Upon receipt of this notification, the Registrar will notify the student that the course has been dropped.

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