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Respect the distance is just that, abiding by the 25 foot distance when smoking on campus. It's NOT about getting in your face about quitting smoking. We are all adults and can follow the research to come to our own conclusions about the health effects of smoking.
Respect the distance and your peers; please abide by the 25 foot smoking distance from any building, bus stop, or bridge on campus.
Many individuals have asked the question, "What does 25 feet look like?"  Through the Respect the Distance display, we hope that the 25 foot distance has been conveyed to all individuals through a large scale 25 foot visual.  It has also been mentioned that 25 feet is the approximate size of a two lane road.
25 feet
Take a look at the site to find available resources if you are thinking about quitting, to review the full policy and read stories of individuals who have smoked or continue tobacco use.
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Page last modified April 28, 2011