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The Regional Math and Science Center is collaborating with the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), the Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA), the Michigan Department of Education, and the other Math/Science Centers in Michigan to involve west Michigan in a program called Science Matters.  This statewide initiative links Michigan teachers with science teachers nationwide in an electronic communication network and learning community. 

The mission of Science Matters is to offer networking opportunities for classroom science teachers and to provide them with professional development opportunities and science teaching resources with an emphasis on state and national standards.   Participation in this national network of advocates for science has significant benefit to schools in west Michigan.  The ultimate outcome is improved student achievement in science. 

At the Regional Math and Science Center, we identified 18 teachers who are called Key Leaders.  These Key Leaders form the first layer of the communications network, serving buildings in Kent, Montcalm, and Ottawa counties.  Each Key Leader has been assigned 25-30 public and private schools.  In each school, one person has been selected to serve as a Point of Contact.  As information is sent to the Key Leaders, they pass it on to the Points of Contact, who in turn pass it on to those who teach science in their building. 

Role of Key Leader

  • Help identify and serve as a resource for classroom teachers who are Points of Contact.
  • Attend a training session and become more familiar with national and state science standards.
  • Provide ongoing support and resources to Points of Contact.

Role of Point of Contact

  • Act as an advocate and contact person for science in the building.
  • Receive standards-based materials and make them available to colleagues.
  • Act as a visible representative for science.
    Help colleagues be more aware of resources and professional opportunities.
  • Communicate results of in-service sessions, success stories, and targeted e-mail.

Benefits of the Program

  • Teachers have access to greater quality and quantity of professional development opportunities.
  • Schools become more active partners in science education reform.
  • Districts have an identified cadre of individuals who are knowledgeable about state and national science standards as they work to improve science teaching and learning.
  • Students have enhanced opportunities to succeed.
  • Teachers, administrators, parents, and state officials have a shared vision for improving science education.

For additional information about SCIENCE MATTERS at the Regional Math and Science Center, contact Kathy Agee at (616) 331-3031 or email at For additional general information about the program, go to

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