Brian  Parks

Brian Parks

"Being supported by Grand Valley to go to conferences was mind blowing to me. It helped me dream a little bit bigger." - Brian Parks '08, Financial Analyst, Herman Miller Read More

Grand Valley Admissions


In 2011-2012 more than 7,000 students gained real-world work through internships, cooperative education (co-ops), practica, and student teaching.

Co-ops and internships provide students with a quality experience they will carry with them into the real world. Many students choose Grand Valley precisely because of its co-op and internship opportunities in disciplines as diverse as engineering and health care to business and teaching.

The result is that West Michigan businesses get quality interns and qualified employees while Grand Valley students gain valuable experience and make important career connections. It’s a scenario that’s engineered for student success — and one that’s rarely found at any other school in Michigan.

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