Registered Student Organization Handbook

Advisors - Definition and Selection

Definition and Selection
Student involvement in campus organizations provides an opportunity for students to develop leadership and organizational development skills. This involvement also complements their educational objectives with important out-of-class activities by exercising basic freedoms and learning about human behavior. In support of these objectives, it is important that persons with experience in organizations be available to assist students in their organizational endeavors. While the range of activities or student organizations is diverse, the assistance advisors can give organizations by being responsive to students' questions on procedural matters, university
policies, financial matters, and so on, can help advance the basic reasons for recognizing student organizations at Grand Valley.

All RSOs must have a faculty or staff advisor selected from GVSU full-time faculty or administrative staff members. In certain situations as designated by the Office of Student Life, an organization will be directed to use an appropriate advisor. This staff member will have been chosen because of their capabilities in a specific area of expertise. In such cases, the student organization shall follow the guidelines of the advisor assigned. In all other cases, the organization may choose an advisor according to constitutional requirements.

The Office of Student Life will provide new advisors an opportunity to learn about their role at Advisor Orientation as part of the MAXimize Initiatives. Advisor Orientation will provide insight on responsibilities, offer resources, and provide a network of people to assist the advisor.
Advisors must complete an online training that will occur during the registration process via Orgsync the student organization administration system.

RSOs may select as many advisors as they wish to fit the needs of the organization (including alumni or members of the surrounding community).  However, all advisors must be listed on the online roster of the organization through Orgsync.

Sport Club coaches will be assigned by the Director of Student Life.  In many cases, sport clubs may suggest potential candidates for coaching positions, but contracting with coaches is at the discretion of the Director of Student Life.

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