Registered Student Organization Handbook

Chalking Policy

Chalking at the University is permitted in certain designated sidewalk locations only for the purpose of announcing campus activities, events or meetings of registered student organizations or sponsored by the University.

Chalking must comply with the following procedure:

1. The designated sidewalk locations are:

a) Sidewalk along west side of Copeland Hall.

b) Sidewalk along East side of Mackinac Hall next to Robinson Field.

c) Sidewalk along West side of Lake Michigan Hall.

d) Sidewalk areas from entrance areas to the Rec Center and Pool SE to Campus Drive.

e) Sidewalk starting North of Cook DeWitt Center that runs NW to the Padnos greenhouse.

f) Sidewalk areas from Little Mac Bridge South to Transformational Link Sculpture.

g) Sidewalk from North side of Kirkhof Center going East to North end of Zumberge Pond.

h) Sidewalk along north side of Lake Superior Hall.

2. The announcement must be for a campus-wide activity, event or meeting that is open to all students.

3. The announcement must bear the name of the registered student organization or University department sponsoring the campus activity, event or meeting.

4. The announcement must fit within a 4 by 4 space.

5. The material used to mark the sidewalk must be water-soluble chalk. The use of markers, paints, oil-based products or sprayable chalk is prohibited.

6. Chalking is prohibited on all vertical surfaces, buildings, walls, benches, picnic tables, signs, poles, trees, etc.

7. Signs, posters, banners and other printed material shall not be taped to the sidewalk in lieu of chalked announcements.

8. Chalked announcements may not exceed two days prior to the campus activity, event or meeting.

9. Registered student organizations or University departments that desire to chalk an announcement must first register with the Office of Student Life (call 331-2345)

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Page last modified March 25, 2014