Registered Student Organization Handbook

Classification Levels

Upon completion of the registration process and approval by the Student Organization Review Board all student organizations will be classified in one of the following categories.

Depending on the scope and mission of the organization, the Student Organization Review Board will assign a classification to the group for the purposes of communication, promotion, and funding.
  • Academic & Professional- Organizations focus on academic disciplines or are related to a specific professional field.
  • Cultural- Organizations educate the campus community about non-dominant cultures in order to enhance students' worldviews. They also provide students with an avenue to explore and celebrate their own cultural heritage and provide programs and services designed to support students of various cultural heritages at the University.
  • Campus Programming- Spotlight Production is the program that plans music, comedy, entertainment, and other events for the campus community.
  • Fraternities and Sororities- Provides life-long opportunities for leadership, service, academic achievement, and social involvement through the association with a national organization (See Fraternity and Sorority Manual in Section 16).
  • Faith Based- Organizations serve to enhance a student's spiritual life while providing fellowship and outreach opportunities. 
  • Graduate Student
  • Honor Society- Have admission standards or special requirements such as grade point average, field of study, leadership, or other areas of achievement.  They serve to recognize students.
  • Media - Organizations include two types of opportunities for students.  Entertainment organizations provide campus with a variety of student sponsored entertainment events and programs. Media organizations provide an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience GVTV, Lanthorn, and WCKS (the GV student-run radio).
  • Performing Arts- Organizations provide opportunities for involvement and exposure to the performing arts.
  • Professional Fraternity
  • Housing & Residence Life Community Councils- This category represents all community councils.
  • Service & Advocacy- Organizations are centered on positive student engagement and social change through community service and educational programming.  These organizations hope to raise awareness on social issues.
  • Special Interest- Organizations serve to enhance student life through the co-curricular involvement of special interests and hobbies.
  • Sports- Organizations provide opportunities for competition, personal fitness, recreational activities, and/or school spirit support. These sports are broken down into competitive and non-competitive.
  • Student Senate- Organization serve as governing bodies in various aspects of campus life.

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