Registered Student Organization Handbook

Probate Shows

Probate Shows – a public performance, dance, or display by members of an organization to introduce themselves to the larger community. Usually takes place after members’ intake or new member orientation period to signify their initiation.
Many organizations utilize probate shows to present new members to the campus community. The Office of Student Life has established the following guidelines to ensure the success of this type of program:
·         All organizations that have selective membership must complete the Selective Membership Form (link). Please note that fraternities and sororities must follow guidelines established in the Greek Manual (link).
·         Probate shows must be hosted on campus in a location reserved with Event Services.
·         Probate Shows must conclude no later than 11:30 pm.
·         All organizations hosting probate shows must submit approval from their respective national office.
·         A faculty/staff advisor must be present at the show.
·         All shows must respect the new members, members, alumni, other organizations, and the university.
·         No hazing prior to, during, or after the show is permitted. Hazing is not permitted AT ANY TIME by the university or the State of Michigan. 

Page last modified June 10, 2009