Registered Student Organization Handbook

Registration and Renewal

The registration and renewal process for student organizations is conducted on-line via Orgsync.  Complete information about the registration process is available at The president of the organization is responsible for registering the organization and must provide the following information at the time of registration:

  • Name of the organization (Cannot include GVSU)
  • Organization statement of purpose
  • Request web site address for the organization (if applicable)
  • Name of campus advisor, e-mail address of the advisor
  • Names and e-mail addresses of the officers of the organization
  • Request for access to Blackboard (if applicable)
  • Request for access to an email account (if applicable)
  • Self -select the general category type for the organization to classify the type of organization (final category classification will be determined by the Student Organization Review Board).
  • The constitution of the organization

The online registration system will automatically send an e-mail message to the student officers identified by the president.  Each officer will then respond to the automatic e-mail and complete their personal information registration, review the Student Organization Officer & Member Agreement and complete an online training. The officer and member agreement clarifies the operating procedures for student organizations and their officers.  Students in leadership positions are responsible for knowing and abiding by various university policies and regulations.  Personal information will be submitted from the members, the officers, and the advisor at the time of registration.  Information provided will be accessible by staff administrators.

Every organization must renew every fall and winter semester. This allows organizations to update rosters and officer information. This process is quick and is done online via Orgsync.

 NOTE: Organizations that have not been registered in the past may register at any time during the regular academic year, but must complete the registration process in one month.

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Page last modified October 16, 2013