Learning Skills Services

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) is committed to helping you reach your academic and personal goals. We offer several Learning Skills Services to provide you with the support you need to be a successful student. 

Academic Success Workshops are offered to allow you an opportunity to gain new skills, learn new techniques, or get some tips to help you be successful. Workshops are held throughout the semester and are FREE to all students.

Academic Coaching

We believe it is important for students to have the opportunity to address their specific study skills needs. Study Skills Coaching is available to help you achieve your academic goals. You can meet with an academic coach individually or in small groups to discuss a variety of topics including:

  1. Time Management
  2. Test-taking Strategies
  3. Reading Strategies and Concentration
  4. Note-taking
  5. Academic Procrastination and Motivation
  6. Deep-processing Study Techniques
  7. Apps/Technology
  8. Academic Self-advocacy
  9. Effective Resource Utilization
  10. Goal-setting
  11. Power of a Positive Approach
  12. Overcoming Academic Obstacles
  13. Managing Academic Pressure and Stress
  14. How to Talk so Your Faculty and Staff will Listen
  15. Student Academic Success Center Services

Academic Coaches can also provide feedback on your study skills and help you develop strategies for improving your academic success. Coaching sessions are one hour and you can schedule an appointment by calling SASC at (616) 331-3588.

For assessment, complete the Learning Skills Strategies assessment prior to your appointment. This will highlight your study skills strengths and give recommendations for improvements.

Individual Academic Success Plan Consultations

For students who are experiencing more serious challenges in their academic progress, Individual Success Consultations are available. These one-on-one consultations with the Learning Skills Coordinator, will assist students in assessing barriers to their academic success and in developing a Success Plan which may include study skills coaching or referrals to other GVSU resources. To make an appointment for a Success Consultation, please call SASC (616) 331-3588.


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