CSLC Ambassadors Program

CSLC Ambassadors are individuals who have demonstrated a passion for community service and possess excellent public speaking skills. These students will  coordinate and facilitate presentations to members of the GVSU community in order to educate others about the impact that college students can have in addressing real community needs through service/volunteerism. CSLC Ambassadors will also share information about the programs, resources, and services available through the CSLC in order to increase student engagement in meaningful community service and service-learning activities.

  • Applications for the Winter 2013 semester are due by Friday, November 9th

  • Selections will be announced by Friday, November 18th

  • CSLC Ambassador Trainings will occur either the week of November 26th-30th or December 3rd-7th depending on selected Ambassadors' availability 


Expectations of CSLC Ambassadors

This group of individuals will be responsible for attending and/or assisting in at least one (1) CSLC sponsored program per semester.  They will also coordinate/facilitate at least two (2) speaking engagement/training sessions per semester individually or with another Ambassador.  Ambassadors will record their service hours utilizing “Service Tracker” and will attend a monthly meeting to touch base, share activities, and receive updates and additional training relating to the CSLC.


Benefits of serving as a CSLC Ambassador

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to gain further service experience and practice skills in public speaking, collaboration, and program planning. More importantly, they will gain the satisfaction that comes from sharing their passion for service with others and inspiring them to get involved in the community too. No matter your major, the CSLC Ambassador program is a great way to gain experience and make new friends all while promoting the Laker value of giving back!


CSLC Ambassador Training

CSLC Ambassador Trainings will occur either the week of November 26th-30th or December 3rd-7th depending on selected Ambassadors' best availability. New Ambassadors are required to attend one initial training before starting in the role and all Ambassadors will attend a monthly meeting to receive updates and additional training.


Nominate a student

Do you know a student who you think would make an excellent candidate for the CSLC Ambassador program? Tell them why you think so and encourage them to apply!


Apply to be a CSLC Ambassador

Are you interested in serving as a CSLC Ambassador? Download the application form here or pick one up in the Community Service Learning Center and submit it to the CSLC by Friday, November 9th at 5:00 P.M.


If you have any questions please contact Jeffrey Mutch at mutchje@gvsu.edu


Page last modified March 25, 2014