Leadership and Service Internship

Laker Leadership Programs

As an intern, you have the opportunity to use your experiences and training to encourage other students to develop skills and understand the fundamentals of leadership development, civic engagement and the values of GVSU through the Community Service Learning Center & Laker Leadership Programs. You will be involved in coordinating various activities offered by the Office of Student Life including:

  • First Year Leadership Experience

  • Intermediate Leaders Institute

  • Community Leaders Seminar

  • Strengths Based Leadership

  • Leadership Summit

  • Make A Difference Day

  • Community Outreach Week

  • Overnight Service Trip

  • First Year Service Experience

  • And Much More...

Mandatory Dates and Time Expectations:

  • Internship Orientation (One Day in Late April)
  • Leadership & Service Internship Training (Middle of August)
  • Weekly Team Meetings: Determined based on the schedule of the interns
  • Monthly Team Development Meetings: Determined based on the schedule of the interns
  • Assigned events & time on your own to accomplish assignments as needed

Application Process:
Consider joining our team! There is opportunity to earn academic credit as an intern!

Contact service@gvsu.edu or 616-331-2468 for more information about this opportunity.