Service Trips

Academic Classes
PA 380 (students must register for this course)
The course will serve a two-fold purpose of a) addressing community-based issues and needs and b) developing leadership, problem-solving and practical skills related to managing community service projects. To the extent that this course succeeds, it will demonstrate how effective organizational practices can make a substantive contribution to addressing human needs in Joplin, MO (new- Winter 2012). The experience and skills gained in this course will benefit students who will pursue careers in the non-profit community service sector. Course Objectives: -To develop an appreciation of social and civic responsibility. -To develop students' leadership skills. -To learn practical organizational skills associated with specific volunteer service agency functions. -To develop and apply skills in advocacy and problem solving. -To assess and strengthen self-awareness and personal skills related to service and leadership. For more information, contact Quincy Williams, School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration (616) 331-2362 or

Alternative Breaks
Alternative Breaks strives to promote active citizenship within the student body through hands-on service learning projects, focusing on social and environmental issues throughout the nation. Alternative Breaks sponsors national and regional winter and spring break service trips. Visit for more information!

Campus Ministry
During GVSU's Spring Break, Campus Ministry sends over 400 students around the world to serve God and others for a week. Spring Break @ Campus Ministry is a time to be rejuvenated and strengthened and to experience genuine heart change all while loving Jesus and making lasting friendships. Sponsored trips occur throughout the United States and Internationally!

Padnos International Center
Volunteering abroad gives you the opportunity to serve international communities in need, and build on a previous study abroad experience or enhance the one in which you are participating. Many GVSU students are interested in volunteer service abroad. Keep in mind that if you choose to study abroad, volunteering may be an option though your program sponsor.