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Jennifer Wisniewski volunteers in the Philippines

Jennifer Wisniewski volunteers in the Philippines

Jennifer Wisniewski lived with a family and worked near the city of Tacloban for five weeks in a rural health center.... more


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The sociology department is a community of critical scholars who analyze the context of social interaction and the construction of difference in society. Faculty utilize qualitative and quantitative methods to develop insight on a wide range of substantive areas.

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Sociology Colloquium

The Beautiful Faces of My Black People’: Mestizaje, Black Consciousness and the Politics of the Census in Colombia 

Tianna Paschel, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor at the University  of Chicago speaks to a packed house in the Kirkhoff Center.


Andrea Gomez Cervantes (Class of 2010) has successfully defended her Master's Thesis in Sociology at the University of Kansas.

Some of the members of Act on Racism had books signed and met with Tim Wise, an anti-racist activist, who spoke in the Grand River Room.  Mr. Wise also signed our "Stanley Cup".  The Cup is the MLK Social Justice Award from Ferris State University for participation in the grand opening ceremonies of the new Jim Crow Museum.  Members of AoR each get to keep the plaque for one week and then nominate the next person to hold the Cup.


Senior sociology students present their capstone projects to faculty, students, the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the President of the University.         




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