Career Opportunities

Right now we have former Soc majors and minors who are in graduate schools, who are elementary, high school, and university teachers, and who work in law enforcement. One runs children's playground activities for Grand Rapids, one is a local arts administrator, another is a local TV news producer, some are traveling with the Peace Corps., one co-ordinates womens’ health centers in Northern California with Americorps. Another is an ordained minister. Obviously there are a lot of possibilities!

Some career paths require education beyond the Bachelor’s Degree but many do not. Generally speaking the Sociology Degree prepares you for employment in the areas of:

  • Human Resource Management  (Human Resources Manager, Affirmative Action Coordinator, Employee Benefits Manager, Public Relations….)
  • Public Employment (Federal, State, County, City… Legislative Aide, Inspector, Policy Analyst….)
  • Teaching (From Kindergarten to Higher Ed…..)
  • Human Services (Community Health, Crisis Intervention, Immigration Assistance, Home Health, Philanthropic Management…)
  • Research and Data Analysis (Public Policy, Marketing, Federal and State Agencies, Industry…)

The earlier you start planning the better positioned you will be at graduation.

Get started NOW. You can always change your mind. (In fact, we encourage that.)

The sooner you act the better. Take Action Right Now!

  • Research position titles. ( is a good start.)
  • Meet with your advisor and plan to take classes that enhance the skills you will need for your chosen career direction.
  • Sign up for Soc490 and do an INTERNSHIP!
  • Take advantage of GVSU career resources as you look for internships and plan your future. ( (


From the GVSU Career Counseling Center: Career Choices and Strategies

American Sociological Association Research Brief: "What are they Doing With a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology?



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