School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration

Elizabeth Roe MPA '02

Director, State Advocacy and Outreach
American Academy of Physician Assistants

Elizabeth Roe Elizabeth Roe works with state Physician Assistant chapters in the Midwest, from Colorado to Ohio, and offer strategic advice and assistance on legislation and regulations affecting Physician Assistant practice.

"My graduate education at Grand Valley State University has enhanced my career in public administration in a number of ways. Not only did I have a chance to learn from some of the brightest minds in this field, but the classes and seminars explored areas I had never even thought of considering prior to attending graduate school. I was able to meet other students who worked within several areas of government, and their experiences enabled me to understand not only their particular areas of expertise, but how my own career fit into the whole spectrum of public administration. Instead of watching policy being made, I am now taking an active role in making it happen!"

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