School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration

Jerry DeRuiter MPA '97

Executive Pastor
Kentwood Community Church

Jerry DeRuiter is executive pastor of Kentwood Community Church. He is a former mayor of Kentwood (1981-92), and past Board Chairperson at Arbor Circle Corporation. He is co-author with Pat Allen of Backpacking in Michigan (University of Michigan Press) and with Martha Golensky of "The Urge to Merge: A Multiple-Case Study" (Nonprofit Management and Leadership 13: 169-186).

"The GVSU MPA program has benefited me in many ways both in my previous career as CEO of a mental health agency and now as Executive Pastor of Kentwood Community Church. The wide range of public administration disciplines taught provides an excellent foundation for a leader. The MPA program excelled in providing me with a balance of strong academics and practical, up-to-date, hands-on leadership skills. Best of all, it was a joy to learn from field experienced professors and from my fellow MPA students. I have and will continue to recommend GVSU's MPA program to my colleagues and friends."

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