School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration

Magda Borys MPA '01

Post Doctoral Researcher
University of Rome La Sapienza

Magda Borys After graduation, Magda Borys worked for the Management Studies Research Center of the National Academy of Public Administration as a research associate. She conducted in-depth analysis of various aspects of government organizations, including human resources, organizational culture, finance and budget. She earned her Ph.D. in Economics from Charles University in Prague in June 2009. Her Dissertation Thesis was "Essays in Finance and Monetary Policy: Evidence from the Visegrad Countries". She is currently employed as a Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Rome La Sapienza in Italy. Her duties include research on topics related to European economics.

"The Academy, which is an independent, nonprofit organization chartered by Congress, is committed to improving governance at all levels - local, regional, national, and international. We provide the recommendations to various government organizations pointing to the areas in need of improvement in order to provide the public with the excellent service. Without a sound theoretical background in the field of public administration obtained at the SPNA, including coursework in research methods, organizational theory, human resources management, and many others I would simply not be able to do my job. Studying at SPNA has been a great learning experience and I hope that one day I will be able to take back what I have learned and make a change in my own country, Poland."

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