School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration

Michael Soltis, MHA, MPA '10

Research Associate
Center for Data Management & Translational Research

Michael Soltis As a Research Associate for the Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI), Mike Soltis is involved with public health research and reporting on a wide variety of public health issues in Michigan. Some of his duties include research, asset mapping/data tracking, and planning for statewide Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation. He also assists with data identification, analysis, reporting, and project development for other Federal and State funded health projects.

"I chose to pursue both an M.H.A. and an M.P.A. at GVSU because of the broad advantages of each degree. Working with healthcare Providers across the State requires knowledge I've obtained through my M.H.A. education and much of my work with data, research and general understanding of health policy can be attributed to the M.P.A. curriculum. Both degree programs introduced fundamental concepts in the areas of healthcare and public administration. Furthermore, the diverse subject matter enabled me to network with students and professionals in various organizations and industries. I am fortunate for the opportunity to put these degrees to use in the ever-changing Michigan healthcare and policy arena."

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