MSPC 2013 Winners


Congratulations to the creators of the 2013 winning posters!

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Grades K-3

·         First Place: Brayden Stratbucker and Michael Wedeven, Knapp Forest Elementary, “Down Hill From Here“

·         Second Place: Jackson Gritter, Byron Center Christian School, “Take a Bite out of Dinosaurs!”

·         Third Place: Anika DeshpandeZachary Elmouchi, and Griffin Braunreiter, Knapp Forest Elementary, “Favorite Farm Animals”


Grades 4-6

·         First Place: Ethan Feucht, Kazoo School, “EMS  Saving Lives... Wasting Gas”

·         Second Place: Madison Roger, Edgewood Elementary, “Honey, I Shrunk the Laundry”

·         Third Place: Kamryn Borton, Baldwin Street Middle School, “Flatline”


Grades 7-9

·         First Place: Camryn Roper, Eastern Middle School, “Sawdust Sucks!”

·         Second Place: Alexia Zolenski, Eastern Middle School, “Which Water Helps Plants Grow the Best?”

·         Third Place: Megan Johnson, Eastern Middle School, “Investigation of Apple Oxidation”


Grade 10-12

·         First Place: Kelly Hall, Saline High School, “Do Male or Female Runners Improve More?”

·         Second Place: Sushrut Athavale and Victor Chen, Saline High School, “Saline's Surface Tension”

·         Third Place: Nicki Kasza and Grace Campbell, Saline High School, “Does Breakfast Help ACT Score?”