Homecoming Comedian

2014 Comedian To Be Announced!

Important Information

The following items are strictly prohibited by Fieldhouse Arena policy and will not be permitted for any reason:

  • Food, drinks, or any containers
  • Weapons, knives, fireworks, mace, lighters, etc.
  • Cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol of any kind.
  • Backpacks or large bags. Note: All purses, pouches, etc. are all subject to search upon entering.
  • Any outfits or signs that can obscure others' view of the show.
  • Other items as deemed unacceptable by entrance security.

All photography, videography, and recording is explicitly prohibited and any such behavior can result in dismissal from the concert with no refund.

Lewd acts and/or behavior that can result in the disruption of the show and/or risk the safety of any attendees and/or performers can and will result in removal by security and law enforcement will be involved as deemed necessary.

GVSU reserves the right to deny entry to any individual who fails to comply with these rules and regulations. Any dismissal from the concert or denied entry will occur without refund.