Homecoming Final Team Standings

Team Points
Yellow Brick Squad 679 We're Off To See The Greeks 533 Wicked Greeks of the West 219 Lions, TAUgers, and Bears 212 Dorothy's Witches 195 The Wonderful Kappas of ATOz 192 The Emerald City Greeks 186 The Courageous Lions 135 The Wonderful Wizards of Haas 109 Pay No Attention to the NWAB's Behind the Curtain 85 ANCHORed in OZ 75 Laker Village/Ravines Community Council 35 Rhythom of Oz 30 There's No Place like the South 30 Tri-kins 25 Lions, Tigers and ABers, Oh-my! 10

Did not rank: Cope is Dope, Culture Shock, KS3 Community Council, North C. Hills and Pickard, Ruby Slippers, The Couragous Lions, The Ruby Dancers