Service & Advocacy Council

After your Request is Approved

Please read this entire checklist and complete the steps that are applicable to your organization. 


MEET WITH COUNCIL ADVISOR:  After your funding request has been approved, it is your responsibility to set up a meeting with the Service and Advocacy Council Advisor to discuss the disbursement of funds.

CONTRACTS:  If using the services of an agency, vendor, speaker, or entertainer, a professional services contract must be used.  Review the RSO handbook for more information and speak with the Council Advisor.  Once obtaining the contract, submit to the Office of Student Life for processing.  Note that students may not sign any contracts.

RECEIVED $ FOR FOOD OR MEDIA IN THE KIRKHOF CENTER:  If you received funds for catering or for media within the Kirkhof Center, you must obtain a “media and food authorization” form from the OSL front desk or Event Services.  This form verifies that your organization received money for media and catering and is required.  Two copies are made and distributed to the following:

 Michele Golightly, Catering (This form must be given to Catering to actually place your order for food. Organizations cannot place orders for food that is funded without this form) and Event Services (This form must be given to Event Services to place your order for any media on your room reservation)

PROGRAMS THAT OCCUR DURING LLN:  For any evening weekend programming that occurs during Laker Late Night, you must contact the Laker Late Night Staff to coordinate your media needs.

CO-SPONSORING:  If your organization is co-sponsoring the event with another student organization or a department, you are required to submit a “Co-sponsorship agreement form” to Michelle Golightly asap.  This is especially important if your organization is providing support/funding for an event coordinated by another organization or department.  The form is found online at

PUBLICITY FOR THE EVENT:  All publicity for the event, whether done through UPO or another party, must follow all university guidelines and must have the phrase “Funded by Service and Advocacy Council as allocated by the Student Life Fund.”  Please provide 2 copies to the Council Advisor. 

The event must be submitted for entry on the CSLC web site and campus event calendar by submitting the “Event Submission Form” to the CSLC.

PURCHASING SUPPLIES:  Make arrangements with the Office of Student Life Front Desk to check out the OSL purchasing card (p-card) for purchase of supplies.  The front desk staff will review the purchasing guidelines and process for returning the card and receipt/s.  Note that all money must be spent within guidelines set by the Grand Valley State University budget codes.

SOC DECORATION DEPOT:  Contact the SOC to arrange a pickup date and time, as well as a return date & time.  To check out supplies from the Decoration Depot, send the SOC’s Student Manager a “Service Request” at least three business days prior to needing the item (however, we encourage you to submit your request much earlier to ensure that the supplies will be available for your date.)  The SOC Manager will arrange the pick up and drop off date for your supplies.

Page last modified August 9, 2013