Student Organizations

MAXimize Your Experience

Students are in class an average of 30% of the time during the normal week of college life. Students are encouraged to MAXimize their college experience through participation in a variety of campus experiences. Employers continue to look for new employees who have a broad base of experiences and are comfortable in working with others. Historically, students who are successful have developed a plan for how they will spend the 70% of the time they are not in class. Students are encouraged to participate in student organizations, attend campus events, develop as leaders and give back to their community though service. 

The Office of Student Life has approximately 300+ registered student organizations. Explore your opportunities for involvement in campus life and create a plan to MAXimize your college experience.

In this section you can browse student organizations, learn how to start your own student organization, find policies and procedures for student organizations, explore our Student Organization Center and many other things.

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Page last modified August 8, 2013