Please check each Council's page (linked below) for the meeting dates and times of Councils and Funding Boards.


Now that the budget is ratified, Funding Boards will begin hearing requests for the 2013-14 fiscal year. Information about how to submit funding requests through OrgSync will be provided after Spring Break. Please direct questions to the Student Senator chairing your funding board or to the Student Life staff member advising your Student Organization's Council.



Click on the link below to view the Student Life OrgSync calendar. There you will find dates, times, and locations for each councils funding board and council meeting.

Council and Funding Board Calendar

2013-14 Finance at a Glance

2013-2014 Base Budget

2013-2014 Travel Fund Guidelines

Travel Event Assessment Form

Every Registered Student Organization (RSO) is assigned to a Student Organization Council. All Council correspondence will be sent to officers and advisors through Orgsync messages. The Councils will meet regularly throughout the year and every RSO should send a representative (this is mandatory in order to be eligible for funding). The purpose of the Council meetings is to:

  • Share important announcements and information
  • Get reports from member groups about their activities
  • Encourage the development of a programming calendar that coincides with the University Planning Calendar
  • Foster co-programming discussions
  • Provide funding to RSOs for campus activities

Active members of each Council are eligible to request funding from the Student Senate. To allocate funds, each Council has a Funding Board chaired by a member of the Student Senate Finance Committee. Funding Board meetings are scheduled as necessary for the Council to review requests. Requests are started by completing a Funding Request Form found in each organizations OrgSync page (officers can click on the "$" icon to access).

For more information on meeting dates, minutes, and funding procedures, check the respective council's Web page linked below or contact the Student Life staff member listed as your Councils advisor at (616) 331-2345. For further questions concerning your council's senator please contact Stephanie Ewart at

Council Base Budget Advisor Senator
Academic & Professional $27,000 Josh Theil & Sarah Wojnicki Nik Catlin
Cultural $80,000 Justine Easter Tyler Ziola
Greek Life $34,000 Santiago Gayton Alek Mizikar
Honor Society $4,000 Michelle Burke Jake Bax
Interfaith $6,000 Todd Cox Jake Bax
Media $70,000 Bob Stoll Samantha Conrad
Performing Arts $22,000 LeaAnn Tibbe Jorden Simmonds
Professional Fraternity $3,000 Michelle Burke Alek Mizikar
Service & Advocacy $35,000 Jeff Mutch Samantha Conrad
Special Interest $34,000 Fred Mooney Logan Wyatt
Club Sports $358,000 Eric Garvelink Jorden Simmonds
Spotlight Productions $145,000 Michelle Burke Samantha Conrad

Campus Media organizations (GVTV, Lanthorn, WCKS) receive funding through the Media Advisory Board while Spotlight Productions receives an annual budget from the Student Senate.

All student groups are now eligible to request money for travel through a designated travel fund. This fund is divided into four quarters of the year and is used at a first come, first serve basis.

Appropriations Committee Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2013 Minutes

September 17, 2013 Minutes

October 1, 2013 Minutes

November 12, 2013 Minutes

December 3, 2013 Minutes

January 14, 2014 Minutes

February 11, 2014 Minutes

March 18, 2014 Minutes

March 25, 2014 Minutes

April 1, 2014 Minutes

April 8, 2014 Minutes

Appropriations Committee Application

The second quarter travel fund has been depleted. However, travel requests for the summer months is still available.

The Student Senate Appropriations Subcommittee is currently accepting applications for the coming academic year. As stewards of the Student Life Reserve Account, the Appropriations Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing funding requests sent on by individual funding boards in a fair and impartial manner.


Direct questions to the advisor listed above. Student Senate Financial Advisor Michelle Burke ( or Student Senate VP of Finance Jorden Simmonds (