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Interfaith Council & Funding Board Meeting Information

The Interfaith Council & Funding Board meets monthly at 3:30pm.  The meeting schedule for the Winter 2013 term are January 17th (KC 1104), February 18th (KC 1142), March 18th (KC 1142), & April 8th (KC 1104). 


Council meetings are mandatory for organizations to remain eligible for funding.



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General Information

Member Organizations
In the OrgSync listing (, all groups classified "Faith-Based" are members of the Council.


What is the Interfaith Council?

The Interfaith Council is a grouping of registered student organizations that serve to enhance a student's spiritual life while providing fellowship & outreach opportunities.  Funding is now handled through a funding board associated with this council, and those meetings occur monthly at the end of the council meeting.  Funding guidelines & processes are outlined on this site. 


For the 2013-14 academic year, $6,000 was allocated to this Funding Board for appropriation to faith-based student organizations.  If your event costs more than this allocated amount, it will be sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee to be heard.


Interfaith Council Meetings 

It is understandable that some Presidents may not be able to attend, however a student representative needs to be in attendance at every Interfaith Council meeting. An organization may send multiple representatives (including advisors), however a minimum of one student from each organization is required. Each member organization will receive one vote on council business.  Failure to attend 75% of council meetings will result in your group not being eligible for Senate funding.
Any questions regarding the Interfaith Council can be directed to Senator Jake Bax ( or Council Advisor Todd Cox (


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