Student Organizations

NOTE:  New Student Organizations will not be recognized officially at GVSU between May 1-July 31.  The New Student Organization registration process through OrgSync will be turned off until August 1st, at which time new student organizations can submit their materials online for recognition.
It is easy to start a student organization at Grand Valley. If you don’t see a student organization on OrgSync that you would like to be active with, then help get one started. The steps to do so are below:
Step 1:  Attend a new organization orientation session with an Student Org. Center (SOC) Consultant. This is a 25-30 minute meeting to go over how to get started & the benefits, policies & responsibilities of being a registered student organization.  These sessions are held at 5:30pm every Thursday evening in the SOC (0008 Kirkhof).  Email with any questions about this session.
Step 2:  Complete your organization's OrgSync Profile online; email if you encounter any issues.

Step 3:  Set up a meeting with your Council advisor to discuss your category & requirements; a council advisor listing can be found here.

Once these steps have been completed, the new student organization then goes before the Student Org. Review Board for final approval
Requirements for registration
An organization MUST have the following for approval:
1. A minimum of four students, each serving as an officer to the organization.
2. A current full-time faculty/staff member to serve as an advisor or a Division of Student Services graduate student at GVSU.
3. A constitution* that must be uploaded to OrgSync. Must include the following clauses: Purpose - describes the organization's mission and intent on campus; Anti-discrimination policy - must be at least compliant with GVSU's policy; Dissolution - Disbursement of organization resources upon disbandment of organization. Must be given to a non-profit organization or an on-campus fund such as the Student Legacy Scholarship. Organization's funds CANNOT be given to members.
* To view the blank constitution available for reference, click here.
For PowerPoint instructions on how to create a organization, click here 
A more comprehensive outline is available in the RSO Handbook.


SORB is a board of staff and students who are charged with reviewing applications for new student  organizations. The board meets each month during the academic year to review applications and make a decision.
For assistance in starting a student organization, please contact the SOC staff - Kirkhof Center 0008. Make a point to come speak with us or call (616) 331-2360.
New organizations can be started at any time during the Fall & Winter semesters. Please do not register a new organization during the summer until the first week of class. There are no SORB meetings held in the summer to review statuses. However, new organizations are still able to participate in the Fall Campus Life Night and MAX-It Out without final approval.
Below is a list with descriptions of each classification of student organization.


Depending on the scope and mission of the organization, the Student Organization Review Board will assign a classification to the student organization for the purposes of communication, promotion, and funding.
Academic & Professional - Organizations that focus on academic disciplines or are related to a specific professional field.
Campus Programming - Spotlight Production is the program that plans music, comedy, entertainment, & other events for the campus community.  Spotlight is the only group for this category.
Cultural - Organizations educate the campus community about non-dominant cultures in order to enhance students' worldviews. They also provide students with an avenue to explore & celebrate their own cultural heritage & provide programs & services designed to support students of various cultural heritages at the University.
Faith Based - Organizations serve to enhance a student's spiritual life while providing fellowship & outreach opportunities.
Fraternities & Sororities - Organizations that provide life-long opportunities for leadership, service, academic achievement, & social involvement through the association with a national organization (See Fraternity and Sorority Manual in Section 16).
Graduate Student - Organizations that are connected with or are a a part of a graduate program.
Honor Society - Possess admission standards or special requirements such as grade point average, field of study, leadership, or other areas of achievement. They serve to recognize students.
Housing & Residence Life Community Councils - This category represents all on campus housing community councils.
Media - Organizations include two types of opportunities for students. Entertainment organizations provide campus with a variety of student sponsored entertainment events & programs. Media 
organizations provide an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience GVTV, Lanthorn, & WCKS (the GV student-run radio).
Performing Arts - Organizations provide opportunities for involvement & exposure to the performing arts.
Professional Fraternity - Organizations who promote the interests of a particular profession or whose membership is restricted to students in a particular field of study.
Service & Advocacy - Organizations are centered on positive student engagement & social change through community service & educational programming. These organizations hope to raise awareness of social issues.
Special Interest - Organizations serve to enhance student life through the co-curricular involvement of special interests & hobbies.
Sports - Organizations provide opportunities for competition, personal fitness, recreational activities, and/or school spirit support. These sports are broken down into competitive & non-competitive.
Student Senate - Organization serves as a student governing body in various aspects of campus life.


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