New Org


It is easy to start a student organization at Grand Valley. If you don’t see a student organization on OrgSync that you would like to be active with, then help get one started. The steps to do so are below:

Step 1:  Create a user profile on OrgSync and review the University requirements and guidelines for new organizations.

Step 2:  Set up a meeting with your Council advisor to discuss your category & requirements; a council advisor listing can be found here.

Step 3:  Once you have assembled four (4) officers and the required documentation, email or stop into the Office of Student Life to set up an OrgSync orientation session & submit your formal request to the university.

Once these steps have been completed, the Student Org. Review Board reviews the request & completes final approval.

Requirements for registration
An organization MUST have the following for approval:

1. A minimum of four students, each serving as an officer to the organization;
2. A current GVSU full-time faculty/staff member or a Division of Student Services graduate student who is willing to serve as an official advisor;
3. A constitution* that must be uploaded to OrgSync. Must include the following clauses:  Purpose - describes the organization's mission and intent on campus;  Anti-discrimination policy - must be at least compliant with GVSU's policy;  Dissolution - disbursement of organization resources upon disbandment of organization; must be given to a non-profit organization or an on-campus fund such as the Student Legacy Scholarship; organization's funds CANNOT be given to members; Membership Requirements – outline your expectations, selection processes (if any) & requirements for membership (especially if you are selective).

* To view the blank constitution available for reference, click here.
** A more comprehensive outline is available in the RSO Handbook.

For assistance in starting a student organization, please contact the Office of Student Life staff - Kirkhof Center 1110. Make a point to come speak with us or call (616) 331-2345.

New organizations can be started at any time during the Fall & Winter semesters, but please check through the list of currently registered student organizations to see if one currently exists that meets your needs.  Registration of new student organizations is not allowed over the summer months. However, new organizations are still able to participate in the Fall Campus Life Night and IGNITE without final approval.