Newspaper Advisory Board
Student Representation: Four students (3 selected by Student Senate; 1 Lanthorn staff member elected by the Lanthorn Staff).
Current Representatives:
  1. Anthony Clemons
  2. Danielle Meirow
  3. Sean O’Melia
Meeting Time: Unknown
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University Judiciary Committee
Student Representation: The Student Senate shall appoint twelve students, at least six of whom are residents within the Campus Housing system, to the pool from which members of any Judicial Board may be selected. In making the appointment, the Student Senate will consider students who have volunteered to serve or who have been nominated by other students. To be eligible, students must be currently enrolled and in good standing. Appointments will be made by the end of Winter Semester for the following academic year. If appointments are not made in a timely manner or if vacancies occur, students shall be appointed by the Dean of Students (or designee).
Meeting Time: As needed.
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