Diversity and Study Abroad

Students who identify themselves with a particular minority group may face a variety of challenges when participating in a study abroad program. Whether you identify yourself as part of an ethnic minority, a religious minority, as a person with disabilities, as a member of the LGBT community, or any other minority group, you may be faced with a variety of issues overseas that create discomfort.

While there are many stories from students that have had very successful experiences abroad regardless of their minority status, we do want to make sure that students research their destination to learn about the culture and prepare for challenges that may arise. There are a variety of resources for students interested in gaining more information on confronting these issues while abroad.

The following are a few resources specifically for minority students studying abroad.

Diversity Abroad Scholarships

Race & Ethnicity Abroad

List of resources outlining views and roles of race/ethnicity in various countries


The Padnos International Center has additional information in our office for students interested in gaining insight from past study abroad participants. Visit our office in 130 LOH for more information.

Page last modified November 1, 2013