Financial Planning

Study Abroad program costs vary depending on the program a student selects. While some programs are similar in cost to a semester at GVSU, others are more expensive and some may be less expensive. There are about 15 GVSU Study Abroad programs that may save a student money when compared to the cost of a semester at GVSU. 


Students typically pay for Study Abroad through a combination of financial aid, scholarships, grants, personal funds and alternative loans. With research and early planning, Study Abroad can be affordable. 



BEFORE You Select a Program


The following contacts and resources can help you choose a program that is a financial fit for you. 


AFTER You Select a Program


Step 1: Determine the Total Estimated Cost of your program


Review the cost section of your selected Study Abroad program. You will have to enter these figures into your OASIS Expense Form after acceptance. 


Step 2: Review your existing Financial Aid Award


Review your existing Financial Aid Award to determine the Anticipated Financial Aid Award you will receive during your semester abroad. Log on to myBanner to review your current award.


Contact Nick Bromley in the Financial Aid Office at with questions. Include in the email your G-number, program type, program duration and the Total Estimated Cost of your program. 

Step 3: Calculate Projected Additional Funding required


Use this formula to calculate Projected Additional Funding required:  


Total Estimated Cost - Anticipated Financial Aid Award = Projected Additional Funding 



How does the cost of study abroad compare to studying at GVSU? 

The average in-state student pays the following per semester for tuition, room and board, transportation, books, supplies and miscellaneous expenses: 


Semester: $11,230

Academic Year: $22,460

Spring/Summer: $6,966


Step 4: Research other funding sources


Scholarships & grantsalternative loans and personal funds






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