Hosteling International


Formerly known as American Youth Hostels, HI-USA is America's largest network of inexpensive, quality hostel accommodations and services. HI-USA is part of Hosteling International, a worldwide network of more than 4,000 hostels in over 60 countries. HI-USA brings the world together by helping travelers to connect with each other and the communities they visit, fostering inter-cultural exchange and understanding.

As part of experience abroad, many students travel to interesting spots, many near a Hostelling International hostel. Students should purchase their worldwide HI membership one month before leaving to study abroad. Their HI membership will get them great rates at hostels worldwide.

With a HI membership, they will also receive special discounts at restaurants, museums, attractions, tours, currency exchange and transportation. Many hostels offer activities, special programs, tourism information and direct discount bookings on local tours.

Unfortunately, many students wait until the last minute to purchase their $28.00 HI membership. During the past year, HI received a record number of telephone calls from the mothers of students, two days before leaving to study abroad, asking to purchase a membership. There were also several students, the day before leaving, who traveled to the closed and vacated Berkley, Michigan office to purchase their memberships. The Berkley, Michigan office has been closed since June 2006. HI-USA is now a cyber-council, with a mail box in Livonia, Michigan.

Keep in mind that membership applications must be completed and submitted at least one month before departure.

If you have any questions, please contact 248-302-8026 or


Page last modified January 9, 2013