Program Types

GVSU Programs

Faculty-led programs typically range from 2-8 weeks and take place during the spring/summer semester. Students will travel and take courses with a GVSU faculty member and a group of Grand Valley Students. Students will register for GVSU courses. NonGVSU students are welcome to apply. 
Grand Valley has partnerships with institutions around the world. Students have the opportunity to take courses at these institutions during a semester, summer, or year abroad.

Non-GVSU Programs

Can't find a GVSU Program that fits your needs? Students may choose to participate in a Non-GVSU Program sponsored by another institution or Study Abroad organization.

While participating in a Non-GVSU Program, you will maintain your GVSU student status, earn credits toward your GVSU degree and have access to your GVSU Financial Aid package.

Affordable Summer Programs

The links below highlight summer Study Abroad programs that are lower in cost. 

Faculty-led Programs

Partnership/Non-GVSU Programs

Independent Study and Internships

The independent study process allows students to extend their opportunities abroad beyond traditional study abroad programs. These activities may include (but are not limited to) service learning programs, research projects, internships and volunteer abroad. 





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