Welcome Back!

Padnos International Center, Re-entry Dinner Event from Study Abroad on Vimeo.


Congratulations on completing an unforgettable adventure abroad! We know that every experience is unique and that you have all had your own exciting, traumatic, wonderful, sad, funny, unforgettable and enriching experiences. The Padnos International Center (PIC) would like to provide you with tools and resources to adjust back to the US and to GVSU campus culture.


First Thing's First

  • Make sure that your transcript from your host institution is sent directly to the Barbara H. Padnos International Center. GVSU will not grant credit for courses taken abroad without official documentation.

  • Notify the Padnos International Center of your address upon your return.

  • Check with PIC to confirm that the courses you completed overseas match the courses that were evaluated by GVSU faculty on the Study Abroad Credit Form.

  • Join the Study Abroad Alumni Association

  • Share Your Story


Update Your Resume

Your experiences abroad won't count to an employer unless the you can say how it has made you a better person, scholar, citizen, and professional. Read our guides to learn how to incorporate your study or internship abroad experience into your resume and how to communicate the importance of your international experience in an interview, at a career fair, during informational interviews, and on social media sites.


Suggestions from Past Participants



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