Work Abroad

Work abroad can be a great way to build experience and help you in your future career. Unfortunately, working abroad involves tons of red tape, work permits, etc. This is why we suggest you go through an organization that will place you into a job and/or help you to acquire a work permit. 

These experiences are generally non-credit bearing. However, work abroad can count for Independent Study credit if the job is associated with a specific academic endeavor. 

The University of Michigan's website is a great resource for explaining work abroad and offers some program options. Please take time to visit this site if you are considering work abroad. 

Additionally, Jobs Abroad can be a great place to begin exploring your program options.


If you have questions regarding if the organization you are going through is reputable or not, International Volunteer Programs Association lists a set of guidelines to look for in an organization. 


Page last modified October 31, 2013