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Office of Sustainability Practices

The Sustainability office has been in place at GVSU for 10 years, and Sustainability is now the seventh value at the University.  We have moved from initiatives to defined practices in administration and campus operations, educational opportunities, student involvement, and community engagement. GVSU is known locally, regionally, nationally, and globally for applied sustainability best practices on campus and in the community.


The mission of the Office of Sustainability Practices is to provide Grand Valley administration, faculty, staff, students, and community stakeholders with the required skills and capabilities to become better stewards and responsible global citizens in the workforce, communities, and family life. This site will guide you to information and resources, helping you to become more involved with sustainability efforts at Grand Valley State University and around the world.


1. Use one of the many water bottle refilling stations throughout campus rather than buying plastic bottles.

2. Save energy by turning off lights and TVs, and unplugging electrical items not in use.

3. Stay healthy by actively commuting on foot, skateboard or bicycle. Reduce emissions and save fuel by carpooling and riding the bus, which is free to all students.

4. Reduce your printing needs by accessing electronic resources through the library. 

5. Practice recycling and composting daily by disposing of your items in the correctly labeled containers.

6. Use durable goods like silverware and glass cups in your dorm, make sure compost plates and utensils in the dining halls.

7. Enroll in GVSU's sustainability related courses.

8. Select fair-trade and locally produced items as labeled in the dining halls.

9. When purchasing food off- campus look for locally produced, organic and fair-trade items. 

10. Become engaged with service projects by joining a sustainability related student organization. 



Sustainable Agriculture Project

For more information on:

  • CSA Shares
  • Volunteering at the Farm
  • The Apiary
  • Farmers Markets

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Sustainable Reinvestment Fund

For more information:

  • About the fund
  • SRF Application 
  • Donations 

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