2009 Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champions are individuals who, by practice and belief, support the ideals of sustainable practice and using a triple bottom-line approach to problems and issues. The champions have demonstrated that they support both in word and deed, and can be looked to as leaders in sustainability.

Congratulations to the following Sustain ability Champion Award winners:

Erin Babson for her work with the GVSU bus system and recycling on the Pew campus.
Sweta Basnet for her work with HIV/AIDS awareness.
Luis Colaferro for his work on the Climate Action Plan and calculating Grand Valley's carbon inventory.
Janaan Decker for her work leading a group of students to Ghana on a social equity building trip.
Dalila Kovacs, Min Qi, Andrew Lantz, Cory DiCarlo, & Nathan Craft for their work resulting in the Michigan Green Chemistry Governor's Award.
President Thomas Haas for institutionalizing Sustainability as a value of the University.
Anne Marie Fauvel, Paul Jaenicke, Lisa Miller, Melissa Peraino, Ron Villaneuva, & Rose Yoder for their work as the Holland Green Team.
Robert Hollister for his research on the affects of climate change.
Rich Jelier for the publication of Sustaining Michigan.
Toni Jones for establishing the Green Library.
Jalyn Kamp for her marketing efforts of the GVSU bus system which have lead to increased ridership.
John Kilbourne for his work in developing Sparkle stationary bikes and expanding the project to the Rec Center.
Dan Kuipers for his work with carbon credit development through Viability, LLC.
Paul Lane & John Farris for their work with Esteli Innovation.
Erin Layman for her work on the Campus Sustainability website and the City of Grand Rapids.
Colleen Lyon for her work with the Green Library.
Dominic Kootsillas-Conybeare, the Jobs for the New Economy intern, has been developing a custom database of job opportunities for the New Economy including clean technology, clean energy, green, and sustainable economies.
Neil MacDonald for his research, along with students, of forest and watershed ecology.
Julia Mason for the integration of sustainability into the Women's Studies curriculum.
Azizur Molla for his work on radon-levels in the local community.
Jaideep Motwani for his numerous efforts to integrate sustainability into the Seidman College of Business.
Jeff Musser for his work on the Climate Action Committee.
Erik Nordman for his work on the effects of wind turbines on the community.
Melvin Northup for his work with soil and water conservation in the community.
Danielle Ostafinski for her role as a delegate to the Copenhagen Climate Summit.
Terry Pahl for his work in improving the sustainability of GVSU facilities.
Tim Thimmesch for their work on the 2008 Sustainability Indicator Report.
Brian Copeland for their work on the 2008 Sustainability Indicator Report.
Michael Zervos for his work to involve a diverse array of student groups in sustainability.