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Leading sustainable innovation; dairy farm in southern Michigan completes installation of 19.2 KW Solar PV Power Plant

Michigan based Sustainable Energy Financing, LLC (SEF) recently designed, financed, and installed a 19.2 KW Solar PV project on a 300 cow dairy farm in Jonesville, Michigan.
The ground mounted solar array will produce around 10% of the farm’s annual electricity demand with little ongoing operations and maintenance costs. The owners of DenningSons Farms, Steve and Doug Denning, installed the project because it made sense from both an economic and environmental perspective. In addition, all components were manufactured from companies in the United States, and labor to complete the installation utilized local companies and firms contributing to the overall sustainability of the project. Jonesville based Heath Electric, LLC managed all electrical connection and installation of equipment for the project.

Through a combination of electricity savings and government grants secured by SEF, the farm was able to realize a strong return on their investment as well as leverage low interest financing through a government loan program for renewable energy projects on dairy farms.
The farm expects the project to have a life of at least 25 years. In conjunction with the Solar PV, numerous energy efficiency measures are being taken to lower electricity demand. SEF works with agricultural entities throughout the country to help them address rising electricity costs. According to Dan Kuipers, SEF Managing Director, the company’s main focus has been with greenhouses, crop farms, dairy farms, and other agricultural businesses with high-energy demand and an ability to take advantage of the depreciation and tax credits available for renewable energy projects. “Often clients are surprised at the wide range of solutions, technical and financial, that we are able to present in our energy audits and project feasibility studies. Additionally, clients appreciate that we are a solutions based organization, working with them to secure financing and install the project.”

Sustainable Energy Financing, LLC is based in Holland, Michigan and provides renewable energy financing solutions throughout the United States. The firm has secured millions of dollars in grant funding, tax incentives, carbon credits and renewable energy credits on behalf of clients implementing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. For more information visit


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