Disclose an Invention


An inventor's first step in the commercialization process is to submit an invention disclosure. This is the beginning of a relationship between a researcher and the TCO. By submitting a disclosure, the inventor enables the TCO to offer assistance and support throughout the commercialization process, if the university asserts its interest in the technology.

A creator of intellectual property at Grand Valley State University must disclose any intellectual property subject to ownership by the University if he or she believes that there may be commercial potential.

What is a disclosure?

The disclosure is a confidential document that provides both scientific and legal overviews of a technology. The document addresses technical aspects of the technology, such as the science behind an inventions, its advantages over prior art, its potential drawbacks, and its scope of use. In addition, the invention disclosure addresses legal matters, such as IP ownership.

How do I submit a disclosure?

Invention disclosure forms are available in the Forms & Agreements section of this website.

Page last modified March 13, 2014