The following technology is currently on display in the showcase!

Google Glass

Leap Motion

MakerBot Replicator 2 and 2x - 3D Printers

Learn more about 3D Printing at GVSU by visiting the Makerspace page.

Oculus Rift

  • Virtual Reality
    Use a computer, game system, or phone in virtual reality  
  • Create your Own
    Use the Oculus API to make your own games or apps
  • Positional Tracking
    Track head movement with a camera to increase realism


  • Personal Cameraman
    Robot Automatically Follows with 360° Pan and 20° Tilt
  • Presentation Capture
    Capture Lectures, Presentations, Meetings, and Demonstrations
  • Video Projects
    Use for Flipped Classroom, Distance Learning, or Student Projects
  • 7 Things about Swivl

Double Robotics


  • Introduction to Circuits
    Fun and Interactive way to Learn the Basics of Circuit Construction  
  • Millions of Combinations
    Diverse Connectable Parts allows for a Variety of Designs
  • Design your own Inventions
    Combine with Crafts for Endless Possibilities
  • Learn from Others
    Community Projects and Shareable Inventions 


  • 3D Printing Pen
    Create and Doodle with Plastic in 3D  
  • Portable
    Compact 3D Printing to take with you Anywhere
  • Adaptable
    Freehand 3D Design to create Objects and Designs 

Epic Mobile Projection Keyboard

  • Laser Projected Keyboard
    Device Emits and Detects Infrared Light to Track Keystrokes
  • Portable
    A Keyboard for your Pocket
  • Adaptable
    Use with nearly all Computing Devices
  • Wireless
    Bluetooth provides Wireless Keyboard Operation

PowerUP Paper Airplane

  • Powered Paper Airplane
    Power Paper Airplanes with Propeller and Rudder
  • Smartphone Control
    Mobile Control of Flight via Bluetooth
  • Create Your Own
    Build Homemade Airplanes
  • Basics of Aerodynamics
    Learn about Flight with Experimentation and Fun!

SMART Board 8070i Interactive Flat Panel

  • Interactive Flat Panel
  • Select, Write, Draw, and Erase with Digital Ink
  • Open, Close, and Interact with Applications via Touch

Google Cardboard

  • Mobile Virtual Reality
    Use your Smartphone for a Virtual Reality Experience
  • Gesture Controls
    Control your Experience through Movements, not Buttons
  • Create Your Own
    Do-It-Yourself Guides are available Online for Free


  • Clutter Free Wireless Charging
    Charge your Smartphone without the Wires
  • Qi Integrated
    Supports the Qi Standard without need for Adapters or Chargers
  • Magnetic Field
    A Magnetic Field transfers Power to a Receiver (Embedded in Devices or within an Adapter)

Puzzlebox Orbit

  • Mind Controlled
    Brain-controlled helicopter
    EEG Headset
    Mind control using brainwaves by focused concentration
  • Brain-Computer Interface
    Realtime tracking of brainwaves communicate over Bluetooth to operate helicopter

Equil Smartpen

  • Paper to Digital
    Convert all of your hand written notes to digital copies with ease
  • Works with All Devices
    Download the free apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OSX
  • Share Easily with Friends
    Easily send copies of notes to your friends

adonit Jot

  • A Touchscreen Pen 
    Styluses make it easier to use your touchscreen when fine detail isimportant
  • Draw on Mobile Devices
    Use the stylus for more accuracy and precision, pressure sensitivity, and fluid workflow
  • Note-taking Made Easier
    Using a stylus, hand written notes on iPads and mobile devices is faster and easier

Brown Innovations SonicBeam SB-47

  • Directional Speaker
    Creates a tightly focused beam of sound

Aurasma - Augmented Reality

  • Live Real-world Objects with Computer-generated Overlay
    Using a Camera on a Mobile Device, Real-world Objects are Augmented by Computer-generated Information
  • Metadata for Real-life Objects
    Enhances the current Perception of Reality with Information and Media
  • Interactive
    Optical Sensors, Accelerometers, GPS, Gyroscopes, and Wireless Sensors provide Interactivity

Thalmic Myo

  • Wearable and Hands Free
    Comfortable armband allows for hands free electronic control

  • Gesture Computing
    Link Myo to a computer or mobile device and control applications with a flick of the wrist

  • EMG Sensor Technology
    Myo sensors read muscle movement in the forearm

Structure Sensor

  • Measure Entire Rooms with Ease
    Capture dimensions of rooms in a fast, accurate, user-friendly way

  • Recreate 3D Shapes
    Scan geometry in real-time and apply real world physics to 3D models
  • Interact with 3D Models
    Play games that integrate real world objects with virtual objects – merging reality and imagination

Seek Thermal

  • See the Unseen
    Mobile thermal sensor
  • Mobile Thermal Imaging
    Convert your mobile device into a thermal imaging camera to get heat readings from anywhere and anything

  • Safety
    See people or animals in the dark by their heat signature

  • DIY
    Use seek to see a clogged drain, how much heat escapes around doors and windows, and other home improvement projects


More technology to come to the showcase soon!

Have an idea for an innovative technology to showcase? Contact us and share your suggestions!


Technology Previously Showcased

The following technology has been highlighted in the showcase.

GeLo Beacons

  • Precise Mobile Positioning Technology
  • Proximity Detection
  • Integrates with Mobile Apps
  • Automatically Triggered Actions
  • Bluetooth LE

More Information via

Microsoft Lync

  • Instant Messaging and Presence Detection
  • Virtual Meetings including Video and Audio
  • Live HD Video and Desktop Sharing
  • Real-time Internet Communication


  • Web camera based intelligent sensor
  • Real-time audience data such as gender, age, and attention time
  • Trigger events based on audience to connect online and offline worlds

More information via

Laser Spirograph

  • 2013 Art Prize Entry – “Persistence Too”
    Artist Joe Simon from Wyoming, MI
  • Hands-on Laser Spirograph
    Create an Array of Visual Patterns
  • Mirrors, Lasers, and Motors
    Adjust the Controls to Change Motors and Mirrors
  • GR Makers – Grand Rapids Makerspace
    Display by GR Makers, an Open Community Lab incorporating Elements of a Machine Shop, a Workshop, and a Design Studio.

Vizidef Giant Smartphone

Coin Mining

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange designed around securely exchanging information, which is a process made possible by principles of cryptography.  Mining refers to running cryptocurrency software on a computer to be a part of the banking system.

  • First in the World Scrypt ASIC
    Scrypt is the name of the encryption algorithm.  ASIC is an application-specific integrated circuit.
  • Coins Mined by the Devices
    Anoncoin (ANC),  Digitalcoin (DGC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Lottocoin (LOT), Litecoin (LTC)
  • Supercomputer
    Crypto coin mining is made up of distributed networks which surpasses the largest supercomputers.


MakerBot Digitizer

  • Desktop 3D Scanner
  • Scan Objects to Create 3D Models
  • Create a Digital Copy of an Object

Special Events

Throughout the year, the showcase hosts various events.  The following special events have been highlighted.


On October 29, 2013, a “Meet and Greet” event was held for students, faculty, and staff interested in Gaming, Mobile App Development, or Programming. 

Who is YETi CGI?

YETi CGI is a Grand Rapids game design and production studio who developed the “Library Quest” game at GVSU.  In short, the Library Quest game is a mobile app that provides “quests” for students to explore the new Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons.  By completing quests, students are able to learn about the library resources, services, and spaces while earning points for prizes!

YETi CGI Visit