ReACT! 2013 - 14 Performances and Photos

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2013 - 14 ReACT! Cast:


Alexandria Elliott is a senior Communications major at Grand Valley, from Detroit, MI. She joined 'ReACT!' as a sophomore and has been an active member in both the Theatre and Women and Gender Studies departments ever since.


Emilee Miller is a Sophomore here at Grand Valley State University. I grew up in the small town of Almont MI. I am studying Theatre, and Communication Studies. My passion is being enthusiastic about life and enjoying everyone I surround myself with. I joined react after falling in love with the Touring Theatre Production class at Grand Valley. Teaching through theatre is such an important thing to me. I believe everyone should be educated on domestic violence, abuse and staking, and know how to help a survivor.


Megan Prangley is a junior this year majoring in theatre and thinking about a minor in women and gender studies. This is her second year being involved with ReACT! She also has acted in shows such as Much Ado About Nothing, Hairspray, Wasp, Antona Garcia, and the GVSU transitions commercial Brick by Brick. Megan also acted in That Takes Ovaries last year and might try directing this year.


Mallory Caillaud-Jones is a sophomore theatre major at Grand Valley State University. This is her first year as a part of reACT! She joined in order to utilize her major and minor (women and gender studies) to try to make a difference in a subject she feels strongly about.


Niko De La Rosa is from Whitehall, MI. He is a Theatre major, and this is his second semester with ReACT! Niko loves to eat, sleep, and watch movies.


Dmitri is a first year graduate student at Grand Valley. Dmitiri graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in "Breaking Systems of Oppression," which consisted of taking classes in Women and Gender Studies and having a minor in African/African American Studies. The south side of Chicago is his hometown and he represents his city very well. ReACT! is a great organization that taught him how to become a better student leader and a more qualified engaged bystander at ending interpersonal violence.


Samara is a Liberal Studies major with an emphasis in business, science and Women and gender studies and is a senior.