About Us 2014-2015

What is your mission?

As a department of the Office of Student Life, the Laker Traditions team carries a simple mission to foster community at Grand Valley State University and we want students to feel like active, engaged members of the Laker family. After all, it is all about being a Laker for a Lifetime!

What is your purpose? What events do you host?

Laker Traditions was developed to align all of Grand Valley's traditions under one programming body to streamline their planning processes and to create opportunities for undergraduate students get involved with more campus programming. Traditions oversees the coordination of the Laker for a Lifetime Kickoff, Founder's Day, Family Weekend, Homecoming, Battle of the Valleys, Sibs N Kids Weekend, Presidents' Ball, Intercultural Festival, and the newest tradition at Grand Valley, ExtravaGRANDza.


Sean Omelia

Programming Chair

The Programming Chair is the head of the team that works closely with both, Graduate assistants and full-time staff members. The Programming chair is responsible for running meetings, meeting with executive board, communications to whole team, and is the point person for four events.

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Currently Vacant (Position has been filled for Fall 2015)

Logistics Coordinator

The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for room reservations and the set-up of the space, along with the specific needs for each event.  This person is also in charge of the supplies for each event as well as managing contacts with outside organizations on coordinator together or any potential conflicts. This person is also in charge of collecting info from the binder from each coordinator and they’re the point person for 3 events. 


Amy Hallochak

Promotions Coordinator

This positions is responsible for the planning and execution of promotions in correspondence with the nine Laker Traditions through the use of working with promotions office, social, tabling, and the development of creative outlets for marketing.

Membership Coordinator

Ashley Grzywacz

Membership Coordinator

The Traditions Team Membership Coordinator is responsible for maintaining membership records for the team, recruiting volunteers for traditions, maintaining and distributing meeting minutes, in addition to managing the Laker Traditions email and Orgsync portal.


Marissa Pulsipher

Core Team Assistant


Family Weekend

Caitlin Perlotto - Coordinator (Left)




Brandon Fitzgerald - Coordinator (Left)

Amy Hallochak - Coordinator (Right)



Lois Rosinski - Assistant



Battle of the Valleys

Bethan Angell - Coordinator (Left)

Brandi Barno - Assistant (Right)



Sibs N Kids

Ashley Grzywacz - Coordinator (Left)

Nicole Gustin - Assistant (Right)



Presidents' Ball

Emma Moulton - Coordinator (Left)

Terrell Couch - Assistant (Right)



Intercultural Festival

Caitlin Perlotto - Coordinator




Darcy Sempert - Coordinator (Left)

Marisa Riddle - Assistant (Right)



Graduate Assistants

Jeff Gibson - Advisor (Left)

Sam Lampe - Advisor (Right)