Transitions Leaders are undergraduate volunteers that facilitate sessions for new students about the mission, vision, & values of the university.  Transitions Leaders use their personal experiences & their own transition to university life while facilitating the educational sessions.

The staff varies between 175-200 students each year.  8-10 student leaders, referred to as the "Go Team," assist in coordinating this large volunteer staff.  The Go Team provides Transitions Leaders with the resources to educate & welcome our first year students.

Transitions Leader Job Description


  1.  Facilitate modules to their assigned group of first-year students on diversity, student engagement, time management, healthy lifestyles, & personal safety
  2.  Attend all scheduled training components.
  3.  Attend the entire the Transitions Program
  4.  Work during one pre-assigned late-night Transitions event (assignments are communicated the week of Transitions)
  5.  Attend the housing meeting for the floor or building which they have been assigned (if applicable)
  6.  Be punctual & professional

Conduct and Behavior

  1.  Uphold the mission & values of Grand Valley State University
  2.  Be a good role model of the Laker Values to their group of first-year students & other Transitions Leaders
  3.  Be a positive representative of the University & do not endorse any one group or organization within it.

Assessment & Required Forms

  1.  Ensure that their assigned group of first-year students is completing each required form or evaluation assigned to them
  2.  Complete an evaluation of the Transitions program
  3.  Ensure that all paperwork is returned to the Go Team Leader in a timely manner
  4.  Maintain accurate attendance records of participants throughout the program

Minimum Qualifications

  1.  Be a currently enrolled, full-time Grand Valley State University student
  2.  Possess a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

Ideal Traits

  1.  Personal:  Embraces diversity, outgoing, articulate, friendly, resourceful, takes initiative, responsible, organized, empathetic, creative, team player
  2.  GVSU specific: Demonstrates pride in the University, knowledgeable about campus resources
  3.  Skills: Facilitation, public speaking, detail-oriented, communication, team-building, vested interested in the success of the Transitions Program