University Assessment Committee

Due May 20, 2013 Self-Studies including Assessment Report in Weave

Date: August 31, 2012

The following units have a Self-Study (Including Assessment Report in Weave) due to their respective Dean by May 20, 2013:

Service Units
Career Services
Alumni Development
Academic Units
Cell and Molecular Biology (MS)
Exercise Science (BS)
Physical Education (BS)
Geography and Planning (BA, BS)
History (BA, BS)
Statistics (BA, BS)
Biostatistics (MS)
Professional Science (PSM)
Dance (BA)
Center for Entrepreneurship (ENT)
Economics (BS, BA)
Honors College
Women and Gender Studies (minor)

Deans will forward these reports to the Chair of the University Assessment Committee by August 1, 2013.

Any questions should be directed to Shari Bartz-Smith, Chair of the University Assessment Committee at  

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